Yes I’m a bitch but not yours shirt

Yes I'm a bitch but not yours shirt

Life as the stream swept non stop: Yes I’m a bitch but not yours shirt. Cherish the present moment, cherish yourself. No one can go back in time to start from scratch, but anyone can start today and create a new ending. Life is too short, you should not spend time with those who just exhausted their source of happiness. If someone wants you to be in their life, they will give you a place. You do not have to struggle to win a position. Never force yourself into relationships with those who despise your values. And remember, your true friends are not those who are with you when you succeed, but those who are with you when you are in trouble. Let’s face them. This is not easy work. No one is capable of handling every problem they encounter. We can not immediately deal with the whole problem.

What should you do to respect yourself better?

We are not born to do so. In fact, we are born to be disappointed, bored, distressed, and stumble. Because it’s the whole purpose of life – facing problems, learning, adjusting, and handling them. It is this that has trained us to be human as we are today. You can lie to others, but you can not lie to yourself. Our lives only progress as we grasp opportunities. And the first and most difficult opportunity that we can grasp is, to be honest with ourselves. Do not try to be someone else. One of the biggest challenges in life is to be yourself in a world that just makes you human like everyone else. There will always be people who are prettier than you, smarter than you, younger than you, but they will never be friends. Do not change to expect others to like you.

Yes I’m a bitch but not yours shirt, v-neck t-shirt, ladies tee

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Yes I'm a bitch but not yours V-neck
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Be yourself, and there will be people who love your true self. Do not bother with the past. You can not start a new chapter in life if you read the old chapter again. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Doing something and making mistakes is 10 times more effective than doing nothing. Every success has a long way to go, and every failure leads to success. After all, you will regret what you did not do more than what you did. Do not blame yourself for the past mistakes. We may fall in love with the wrong person and suffer for what is not worth it, but no matter how bad things are, there is one thing inevitable: Yes I’m a bitch but not yours. The right thing for us. We all have mistakes at times, everyone has difficulties, and even regrets about things in the past.

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But you are not your fault yes I’m a bitch but not yours shirt. You are not your troubles, and right now, you have the power to build your present and your future. Every single thing that ever happens in your life contributes to preparing you for a new moment. Do not try to buy happiness. Much of what we long for is expensive. But the truth is, what really makes us happy is that it’s free – it’s love, it’s laughter, and it’s a passionate pursuit of passion. Do not seek happiness in others. If you do not feel happy with your inner being, then you will not be able to have lasting happiness with anyone else. You have to create stability in your life before thinking about sharing that life with others. Do not think too much, because maybe you will create a problem is not worth it.

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