Yin and yang cats shirt

Yin and yang cats shirt

For a long time. Yin and yang cats shirt. Ancient people have realized the constant change over time of the surrounding world. It is even recognized that the structure of continuous transformation. Is the mutual inhibition. The mutual help, the mutual support. Thus, in order to express the transformation as well as the law of transformation. The ancients set out the theory of yin and yang. The meaning of the yin-yang symbol (circle, white side, black side, black part with white point and white section with a black point) is how learn together. The philosophy of the universe based on yin and yang. Is called the yin and yang philosophy. Yin-yang is two concepts that were formed a long time ago. On the origin of yin and yang and the yin and yang philosophy. Many people follow Confucianism and Liu Han that Fuxi is a creator.

Symbol of yin and yang meaning?

Others claim that it is the work of “yin-yang”, a Chinese sect. Neither of these hypotheses has a scientific basis because the “Phuc Hy” is a mythical character, not real, but yin-yang has only applied yin-yang to explain geography-history only. T-shirt design near me. This sect formed in the third century. So it was impossible to create yin and yang. Since the yin and yang concept is used to refer to specific pairs of opposites, the ancients took one more step to use it to refer to more abstract pairs. For example, “cold-hot”, then the “cold-hot” pair is the basis for further thinking as the direction: “Cold North” so negative, “hot south” should be positive; Weather: “Winter” cold should be negative, “hot summer” should be positive; About time: “Cold night” should be negative, “hot day” should be positive.

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If continue to deduce the following: Night is dark so “dark” belongs to the sound, the day should be “bright” in the sun. Dark black so the “black” is negative. The morning is “red”, so “red” is positive. Symbols yin and yang cats. Yin yang positive yen and vice versa. Two dots of color show in the positive and positive in the positive. Yin-yang is the concept of two original opposing entities. That makes up the whole of the universe. Symptoms of what is frail, dark, passive, feminine, soft. The opposite is positive, strong, light, active, masculine, tough. Yin-yang is a contradictory attribute in all things. Not a material that can hold. It explains contradictory phenomena that govern every change. And the development of things.

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Yin-Yang does not only mean opposites or contradictions. Yin and yang cats shirt. But also covers the meaning of origins, both supporting and inhibiting one another in order to survive. Because of this significance. Yin-Yang considered to the only two opposing entities that make up the universe. The ancients said that in the positive sound. Ocean outside to help the negative. In contrast, the sound is in keeping with the positive. If there is only one sound without positive. Then negative cannot generate. If there is no positive yang. Then I cannot grow up. The new saying “she is unruly. Positive success. “Yin to the extreme. The positive and positive to the extreme, then the sound. Yin-yang is always balancing each other. Therefore, we constantly change from one material form to another.

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