You’ve got a friend in me shirt

You've got a friend in me shirt

There are three kinds of people in this world You’ve got a friend in me: You for some reason, you at some point, and you for life. “You for a reason” are the friends that we get used to for a certain purpose. For example, people learn the same class. T-shirt design near me. do business, you collaborate on the project … We often find them for a certain purpose, under certain circumstances, repeat, repeat. When this goal is no longer. We also do not necessarily meet again. Will this friendship continue to be maintained beyond the original cause and effect? It is all in the decision on both sides. “You at one point” are the people we meet regularly at certain times in our lives. For example, temporary neighbors, people who have “sunk”, people who have just met but have feelings.

What is a good friend?

“Friends of your friend” they become an important part of life We are in a certain time, but after that, we no longer meet and contact more often. Sometimes there is a reason for this moment of closure, but sometimes, for no reason. Life goes on, life goes on, and we are far apart. “You for life” are the people that we stick and make friends throughout his life. We can start to get used to you for some reason, close at some point, but when the reason is gone, the moment passes, we continue to be friends. Looking at each other, we can see the future ahead, as we go, the life push, the road turns to many directions … But we can continue to be good friends with each other. In fact, one of us also has three types of friends.

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Sometimes, it is difficult to find clear boundaries between types. All are integrated, intertwined, transformed, and evoked each other. The important thing is, no type of friend is bad at all. Everyone should and will also have friendship in different directions. This separation of friends is just a natural view of how we meet, befriend, and maintain friendships. When I was in college, I was a very active student, involved in a lot of corporate activities in school and also in society. You’ve got a friend in me to focus on 30% of my outward appearance to turn myself into a lively person. I used to get to know a lot of people and a lot of people know me too. That day, I never thought about what kind of people you are familiar with.

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To be honest, I do not care either. For me you’ve got a friend in me, you are my friend, that’s all! Looking back at those days, I think most of my friends spend a lot of time together as “friends for a reason” – like my classmates in college, volunteer organizations, community activities. But also because I have too many concerns and too busy with many programs, the “you for a reason” soon also transformed into “you at a time” because later For a long time, I had a new direction and no longer maintained regular contact with them. My friends are very active too, so they have their own programs, their own interests, and no need to meet me – even though all these relationships are still very good.

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